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K-pop Grading and Encapsulation

K-pop fans follow a different approach to collecting as compared to TCG collectors. 

But why shouldn't they have the same services offered to them? After all, all collectibles hold an inherent value to their own fanbase. Here at CAG, we firmly believe that every collector should have the same opportunity to keep their collectibles in pristine condition, whether it's for sales, or for the next collector.




The front of the labels display all the relevant information pertaining to the card itself, including the identifiers, origin, and condition of it.

We understand that K-pop fans love visuals.

As such, all K-pop photocard submissions can opt for the colour-matched labels to add that extra layer of aesthetic appeal to your collectibles.


Colour Matching

Colour-matched labels follow either official colours or album colour schemes and details, complementing the aesthetic of the card itself.



High Clarity Case

While providing some degree of UV protection (about 30-40% decrease in UV exposure), the high degree of transparency does not interfere with the enjoyment of the card within.

You want to still be able to appreciate your idols.

Despite being sealed up inside the cases, the transparency allows for full appreciation of the cards within.

I'm ready.

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