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Grading Reports

Collectors should understand why their collectibles deserve they grades they get. 

Our handwritten grading reports are transparent and tell you why the cards get the grades they do. They are expert notes from our graders that indicate the flaws a card may have. 

While most laymen are unable to identify why a card gets a particular grade, our grading reports offer an in-depth explanation into what our graders look out for. This means that anyone can read these reports and understand, for example, what to look out for to get a better grade.


Flaw identification

The graders mark and label the flaws in the report, with accurate descriptions about them. This ensures that the person reading the report can accurately pinpoint the location of the flaw before looking into it. 


Flaw description

Flaws are described in detail to ensure the person reading the report can match it to the grading scale. Highly detrimental flaws that are not mentioned in the grading scale will also be pointed out in detail with notes to indicate how it affects the grade.

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